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Politifora Rules

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Posting on Politifora is subject to the rules in this topic. These rules are also available on the Omnifora Docs site. While there should never be a conflict between this thread and the Omnifora Docs site, in the event of a conflict, the Omnifora Docs version controls.



Politifora is a set of forums for discussing politics, politicians, political events, and anything else related to politics in a respectful and intelligent manner. Off-topic, inane, or otherwise impermissible content will be condemned to the Dungeon. Politifora staff may take further actions against users who egregiously or repeatedly violate these Rules.

Cardinal Rule

Politifora is meant as a place to engage in serious conversations, discussions, and, yes, arguments on politics and subjects related thereto. All users are expected to be respectful at all times. There are numerous places on the Internet to engage in vitriol, personal attacks, and all manner of unpleasant behaviors; Politifora is not one of those places. If you break the Rules, you will be warned; if you break the Rule egregiously or repeatedly, you will be banned.

Free Speech Zone Group and Category

If you would like to have more leeway in your posting, then you should consider joining the “Free Speech Zone” group and gaining access to the “Free Speech Zone” category. Fair warning: While some rules still apply (as required by law), the Free Speech Zone is largely unmoderated, unmonitored, and most of the Rules of this site do not apply. Join and post at your own risk.

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